Email by phone-call?
Exactly what you need!

The special service of the 'Virtual Mail' system is provided to thousands users
who are not computer dependent to see if they have received an email
They do it in a simple phone call !

E-mail serves as a means of communication that is difficult to manage without.
A study conducted among smartphone holders for non-recreational purposes, found that 75 percent of the reason for holding the device is for receiving and sending messages.
Anyone who does not have a smartphone often encounters situations where he needs access to email and has no way to access it.
Virtual-Mail from I-CALL was established to provide a solution to the problem and give access to the email box without the need for a smartphone or computer, by advanced and revolutionary technology based on a simple phone call.
Virtual Email can be used as an email on its own, sending and receiving emails from a unique address issued by the system for each user. In addition, someone who already has a personal mailbox (of gmail and the like) can connect his box to the system and send to receive emails from the personal email.
Years of hard work have been invested in the system and we hope you find it useful.

Clarification: The system is intended for serious use and not for recreation.

To start the registration and connect your email box to the system, send a blank email to, and after a few moments a return email will be received. Follow the instructions.

To download the explanation booklet, click here.













Receiving Plan

  • Get a virtual email address
  • Forward your regular email to your phone
  • Notification for every incoming email
  • Hear your emails over the phone
  • Advanced settings

 Greetings! I am blind, and very happy when I am aware of what is happening and what has been renewed in my society. A good friend connected me to 'Virtual Mail', which allows me to be connected to friends and be in touch with them. I have no words to thank you! 

Esther S.London

 For a long time I was looking for a solution not to need too many computer rooms. With Virtual Mail I am updated on exactly when I receive an email, and no longer have to run to a computer room every time. 

Hershey d.Manchester

 As part of my job I received a smartphone for professional use needed for work. Since I'm connected to 'Virtual Mail' I keep the device in the office, and still keep up to date with emails even outside the office, it definitely gives me and my family good hours together! 

Samuel c.Ashdod